Morning Sounds - Lesson

Listening - 10 Minutes

Each child will need paper and pencils.

Begin with a simple listening exercise.

Ask the class to be as quiet as they can and see if there are any sounds they can hear in the classroom.

Can they hear any sounds at all?

Try opening the windows and repeat this listening exercise.

Can they hear sounds from outside?

Cars, barking dogs, rain?

Sounds and Symbols:

Ask the class to draw a symbol or picture to show one of the sounds discussed.

Spend some time looking at different drawings and discuss how they relate to the sounds.

Composing - 10 Minutes

Ask the class to think of the first four sounds they heard when they woke up that morning.

Get them to create a symbol or picture to show these sounds.

Use the worksheet attached to have the class fill in a sequence of these sounds.

Performing - 10 Minutes

Using their voices, ask for volunteers to show their sequence of sounds and ask them to perform them for the class.

Try getting the full class to perform these sounds in a sequence.