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​21 Australian Rock and Pop Songs for the Classroom

One thing we’re firm believers of at Dabbledoo is that you don’t have to talk down to children when it comes to the types of music they listen to. Often the instinct can be to pick what might be regarded as more simplified music but it’s our experience that children of all ages are well able to...


​Torres Strait Islander Music in the Australian Primary School Music Curriculum

A key component of the Australian primary school music curriculum is the exploration of the music of indigenous communities. In this blog article we feature a number of musical traditions from the Torres Strait Islands as well as advice for how teachers can incorporate it into their school...


Music in Ireland: A Review of Our Greatest Cultural Asset

Since Dabbledoo was started in Ireland and originally built for Irish primary schools, we were asked recently by Music Australia to write an overview of the music scene in Ireland. Here's the article below and you can also read the original here. Ireland has a fantastic culture of music both...


DabbledooMusic Launches For Australian Primary Schools!!

Today, we're delighted to launch our brand new site and resources for Australian Primary Schools! Our mission with Dabbledoo is to make learning music fun for kids and easy to teach for primary school teachers. We recognise music can be a confusing subject to learn for young people and a...


$100 Creative Kids Rebate Could Make Primary Schools Sing

This article was first published here on Music Australia's website on 15/08/18. In June, The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP announced as part of the 2019 NSW budget a creative arts rebate program called ‘Creative Kids’. The scheme gives a $100 rebate to every child to spend on arts programs such...


Summary of the Australian Primary Music Curriculum

Music can be one of the more challenging and daunting subjects to teach as part of the Australian primary curriculum, particularly for teachers who feel they have not had enough personal experience with music. There can be confusing concepts and intimidating terminology and so we have set up...